Get those DVR pause buttons ready! In a rather inspired partnership, a Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming animated "Rio" will contain a hidden code to unlock a special level on the insanely addictive mobile app Angry Birds.

While it is unclear if there will be any bad-guy pigs in "Rio," the partnership runs even deeper. There will be a full Rio-themed Angry Birds app, which launches on March 22, coincidentally the same day a lucky winner gets to attend the "Rio" premiere in, duh, Rio de Janeiro. Here's a teaser for the app:

Super Bowl is this Sunday. If you don't want to irritate your entire Super Bowl party going frame-by-frame through a commercial while the game is on, I'm sure some helpful nerd will do that for you and the code will be all over Twitter in a matter of minutes.

Here's the first two minutes of "Rio." It's pretty, and it has birds.