Most wedding dresses look the same -- long and white. I'm sure a bride knows her dress down to every last beaded detail, but, let's be honest, most guests wouldn't be able to pick your gown from the next gal's (especially if there's an open bar).

That's why I love the new wedding line BHLDN, produced by Urban Outfitters with all the gorgeous styling of its store Anthropologie. The web-only line teased us last week with just a detail shot of one of the dresses, but today you can look through a gorge of gowns that are priced between $600 to $4,000. They're edgy without being over the top, with tulle, ruching and color that doesn't play it safe.

BHLDN is also not screaming at customers to get married. Deeply appreciated. Anyone could shop this site. The line of cocktail dresses (presumably for bridesmaids), shoes, jewelry, headpieces, boleros and jackets are equally unique but beautiful for any occasion out.