It's official! We have now reached vampire-levels of over saturation with zombies. Apparently, when AMC's "The Walking Dead" became a massive hit last fall, network executive took notice and look to replicate that success with their own zombie series.

NBC ordered a pilot for the ridiculous, and most assuredly ratings juggernaut, "Vampires vs. Zombies" a few months ago. Under "O.C." creator McG's Wonderland production banner, NBC will definitely order up at least a half-season no matter how bad it is. And, boy does it sound bad.

Described as a, "fun buddy cop procedural," "Vampire vs. Zombies" centers on two cops--one of which is secretly a vampire--in a world where zombies are part of normal society, yet controlled through medication. The two "buddy cops" specialize in zombie-related crime. Yikes.

And a more recent, yet equally grating zombie-centric series, has been ordered to pilot from the CW. "Awakenings" is the story of "two sisters who come of age and face off against one another amidst the beginning of a zombie uprising." And, to make sure there's a more familiar TV trope, one of them is a public defender.

Hey, maybe "Vampires vs. Zombies" and "Awakenings" could do some sort of crossover where the zombie cops bust zombie criminals and the zombie public defender could diligently fight for their zombie rights.