The Black Swans

The Black Swans' frontman Jerry DeCicca, known for his fabulous chops and a way with "death-march slow, dark and odd" folk music, is also an incredible storyteller. Anyone who's heard the band's upcoming "Don't Blame the Stars" will tell you that. But those tidbit song introductions from the new record are a mere appetizer for the tale DeCicca has been telling in segments at Looking For the Magic, a blog run by the staff of the ace Dead Oceans/Secretly Canadian/Jagjaguwar labels in Bloomington.

DeCicca's essay is called "The World's Worst Strip Club DJ". It details his experiences spinning tunes at some joint called The Centerfold Club near the airport in order to pay for The Black Swans' third album. The first three installments are online now; keep an eye out for parts four and five soon. And keep your ear to the ground for "Don't Blame the Stars", coming May 31 on Misra Records.