Portugal. The Man

Two big shows on this fine spring Wednesday:

•I wrote up a quick preview of tonight's Portugal. The Man concert at Outland Live, 95 E. Liberty St. Besides those annoyingly punctuated prog-rockers, Death Cab-influenced power-pop dudes Telekinesis and the more mercurial Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who have this pretty awesome MP3 to their name. Tickets are a mere $5. Doors open at 7 p.m.

•Another alternative is Drauma, the "bitchy little sister" to Trauma, Evolved Body Art's annual Halloween costume party/fetish ball/DJ showcase. This spinoff party is run by Lindsay Hearts from Evolved's all-female branch. The big hook? Peaches will perform. More info in our preview. It's going down at The Bluestone, 583 E. Broad St., for $25. Don't forget to dress to impress.