Pink Reason's Kevin Failure

Pink Reason is the longstanding project of Kevin Failure (a.k.a. Kevin DeBroux), a Wisconsin native who lived in Columbus for a spell during the much-ballyhooed shitgaze sensation of 2008, including a stint playing bass for Psychedelic Horseshit. He's been posted up in New York since then, but Failure recently returned to Columbus with his wife, a local native.

The nomadic songwriter isn't staying put for long; he leaves this month to spend most of the summer in his ancestral lands of Eastern Europe. But he'll be around long enough to play Carabar, 115 Parsons Ave., tonight in celebration of "Shit In the Garden," Pink Reason's first full-length release since 2007's "Cleaning the Mirror."

In a sense, this new LP's six tracks are much brighter and more melody-oriented than any of the music to previously emerge from Failure's dank headspace. It sounds like music from a BBC playlist circa 1990, rotten and molded but held together by clattering industrial strength percussion and waves of static. Failure hovers over the proceedings with dark, despairing narration in the vein of the late local downer rock guru Jim Shepard. It's my favorite thing he's released.

For tonight's show, Failure will be backed by former Psychedelic Horseshit bandmates Matt Whitehurst and Rich Johnston plus Shawn from Indiana's TV Ghost, another recent transplant into Columbus. Nature Boys and Task Force are also on the bill. 10 p.m. start; admission is free.

Stream "Sixteen Years" (via DoneWaiting):

Sixteen Years by pinkreason