Hudson Street Hooligans is pulling out all the stops to keep their club open while they get the building up to code, including the above video by Massive Report/Studio 79 photographer Sam Fahmi. The bar will be open before and after today's 7:30 p.m. Crew game against New England thanks to a 30-day time-limited occupancy from the city, which could be extended an extra 30 days if the city decides Hooligans is making progress toward the necessary renovations.

Under the terms of the time-limited occupancy, the club must keep its door propped open and have a firefighter on hand as a "human fire alarm," for a cost of $70.78 per hour, Hooligans spokesman Blake Compton said. Occupancy will be limited to 80 people, so ticket and merch sales will be outside the bar, located at 2236 Summit St.

The Hooligans have raised almost $3,000 to fund the necessary renovations, which include additional exits, out-swinging doors and a fireproof ceiling. They'll hand out 5,000 fliers soliciting funds tonight at the bar, a tailgate and a table on the plaza at Crew Stadium.

Fans can donate to the cause through