As Crystal Castles surged and strobed their way through a 60-minute set Wednesday at the Newport, all eyes were on punk-rock wunderkind Alice Glass, mine included. She is freakish and kinetic, and there would be no Crystal Castles or at least no Crystal Castles success story without her. Glass provided plenty of swiveling, bouncing, crowd surfing and all the activities you'd want from a demonic pixie fronting an aggro-electro band. I could barely hear her vocals most of the night, but it didn't much matter; Glass' presence in Crystal Castles is more physical than aural. She is the rabble-rouser, the goth cheerleader. Bobbing on stage or writhing atop the crowd, she is a constant reminder of the kind of violent body moving you should be indulging in at a Crystal Castles concert.

Near the end of the set, I found myself zeroing in on the other half of Crystal Castles, producer Ethan Kath. There would be no band without Kath either, for obvious reasons: He writes all the music and plucked Glass out of obscurity to sing over his concoctions. His music is unique in that it chills the spine and lights a fire in the belly with one swoop. It's easy to imagine Kath finding some degree of success doing DJ sets with a similar strobe-heavy setup and an all-but-anonymous drummer like the one who added extra oomph to Crystal Castles' set.

This all congealed into a hell of a party Wednesday, one that lasted exactly as long as it should have and not a minute longer. The Crystal Castles formula is a successful one, and a somewhat revolutionary one, but it hasn't proved to be as versatile as I hope it becomes someday. Oodles of excitement can be wrung from pulsating club music colored by vocoders and synths, occasionally jabbed in the face by shards of ghoulish, percussion-rattled hardcore. Still, there were several times last night when I found myself thinking, "Didn't they already play this song?" So credit them for blowing minds but also for knowing their limits not something I'd expect from the makers of such dark, hedonistic music.