"What Are You Wearing? Office Edition" is Alive's online and office-based version of the popular Style section feature.

Alison Pegg is the project manager of Easy Columbus, a resource for Columbus' college students and recent graduates (if you know someone looking for an internship, send them here). She is also my breaking news alert system for any Missoni for Target updates.

Cocktail ring. From Evie Lou boutique in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland. "A great up-and-coming shopping district."

Watch by Marc Jacobs. From Nordstrom. "I bought this on sale during their anniversary sale."

Finally, in the too fun not to share category, this was Alison's contribution to our office potluck yesterday, where we all brought in a dish that represented our personality. This is Ramen Noodle Salad... "Like college -- but all dressed up."