"What Are You Wearing? Office Edition" is Alive's online and office-based version of the popular Style section feature.

Rebecca Zimmer is Alive's production supervisor. During our weekly staff meetings I'd always notice Rebecca drinking iced coffee out of a glass jar. I loved it. I'd finally seen her do it enough times that I started drinking water out of my own Mason jar at home.

I vainly drink out of them because it it makes me feel bohemian. Rebecca is much more logical about it -- she hates drinking from plastic cups and the jars make it easy to transport her drinks from home (that's tomato juice in the other jar). We both, however, are obsessed with Mason jar lighting, having discussed our love for chandeliers made out of the jars and our lack of persistence to actually put together our own. Here are some more decor ideas using Mason jars that we'll both likely adore but not have time to make. Cheers.