Looking for a little help sorting through it all?

Twenty One Pilots There is plenty of amazing Columbus music to take in Saturday at Independents' Day, which runs from noon to midnight Downtown at the intersection of Gay Street and Pearl Alley. (In fact, here is the full schedule to prove it.) Looking for a little help sorting through it all? Here are five acts you seriously don't want to miss:
Clay (6 p.m., Athens Business Remixed Stage) Before Wil Foster was weirding out/delighting audiences with Guinea Worms, he was a member of this art-punk ensemble, known for playing behind a curtain and other such stunts. They were one of the unsung heroes of the early 90s Columbus scene, and they're reuniting for the first time in more than a decade Saturday. Sundown (7:15 p.m., SID Stage) TK Webb's new band of Columbus psych workhorses hasn't played many gigs yet, but by all accounts they play with the ragged glory of a veteran unit. I'm looking forward to seeing them for the first time for Saturday's set, which just so happens to coincide with the sun's nightly disappearance into the horizon. (Read Alive's Sundown feature) The George Elliott Underground (7:30 p.m., Athens Business Remixed Stage) Due to frontman Hank Zaborniak's tour of duty in Afghanistan, GEU hasn't stalked the stage since June. They'll compensate with a special seven-song set featuring guest vocals from some of the leading names in Columbus party rock:Nathan Photos (The Town Monster), Jeremy Fina (Chelsea Automatic/Dirty Girls), Dennis Tanner (Stucco Jones/Dirty Girls), Sammy Dodge (The Up All Nights), Kevin Collins (The Lost Revival) and James Allison (The Town Monster/Blastronauts). The glam rockers also just posted a new song called "Death By Baptism" at Bandcamp. (Read Alive's feature on The George Elliot Underground) Twenty One Pilots (8:30 p.m., GCAC Stage) Anyone who has not seen this genre-jumping duo's ridiculously enthusiastic live show doesn't know what they're missing. When they played Kobo for the August installment of the Alive Summer Music Tour, jaws were on the floor. The group's blend of club music, My Chemical Romance-style glam emo, hip-hop and indie rock is unique to say the least, and frontman Tyler Joseph is as dynamic as they come. (Read Alive's Twenty One Pilots concert review) The Receiver (9:15, Athens Business Remixed Stage) Columbus' art-rock master craftsmen are upping their epic quotient to a new echelon Saturday. The core trio of Casey Cooper, Jesse Cooper and Sean Gardner will be joined by a 10-piece orchestra. Need I say more? (Read Alive's feature on The Receiver)