Key findings from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce's 2011 State of the Young Professional.

At its State of the Young Professional event last night, the Columbus Chamber of Commerce revealed the findings from its 2011 survey, "What Makes Columbus Cool for the Young and Talented." Some of the more interesting stats:

- Cost of living still tops the list of what the young professionals look for in a community. Social capital, which the survey defines as "living in a diverse community where people are engaged and involved," saw the greatest increase in importance (since the 2007 young professionals survey) of what respondents look for in their neighborhoods.

- Jobs and opportunities for professional growth are the main reasons young professionals come to live in Columbus. Boomerangers (the nifty name given to people who grew up in the Columbus area, went away, and have since moved back) reported jobs and family ties as the main reasons for their return. Transplants (people who moved here having never lived here before) reported jobs with competitives salaries as the town's main draw.

- Thirty-seven percent of the respondents -- up from 23 percent in 2007 -- said Columbus could become even more of a magnet for young professionals if it offered alternative transportation. Suggestions included improved public transportation and the addition of passenger rail services.

Forty percent of the survey's 1,000 respondents were between ages 26 and 30. Thirty-one percent of them had four to seven years of professional work experience. Read all the report's results here.