The Columbus rocker surges into next level of TV singing contest.

Columbus rocker Josh Krajcik drew more rave reviews last night for his latest performance on Fox's "X Factor," easily earning passage into the next round of competition. The judges' glowing praise for Krajcik's rendition of "Forever Young," which you can watch above:

"Josh, you have one of my favorite voices. You're one of my favorite singers in this competition. I just love your voice, man. I love your energy. Everything about you, it measures up for me, man. Good luck to you." -L.A. Reid

"Josh, it's been a pleasure getting to know you. Your voice is my favorite voice I think I've heard in the past decade. I love you to pieces. I wish you the best." -Paula Abdul

"Josh, you are the artist I fear because you've got it all going on. That was a brilliant, brilliant choice of song. It was understated. You made a point. You are the real deal. Best -- probably the best performance we've had." -Simon Cowell

"Josh, that was a soul-stirring performance. That was so beautiful. You know we've been working on this for so long, and you threw it all away, and you're just so -- your voice just ripped out into the air. I'm so proud of you. Good job." -Nicole Scherzinger