The Detroit rapper celebrates being "Finally Famous" at the Newport.

A few takeaways from last night's Big Sean show at the Newport:

(1) Sean is the epitome of "OK," and I think he knows it. His impressive energy and charisma can carry a show for about 45 minutes, and his pair of radio hits accounts for about eight more. And that's about how long his set lasted, especially if you subtract the five-minute interlude during which Sean took photos of the audience for his Twitter. He may be "Finally Famous," but he knows his limits.

(2) Sean loves weed. All his pleas to follow your heart were followed by encouragements to smoke the best weed. He also loves masturbatory gestures. Barely a minute went by when his hands weren't in or around his pants. Ladies!

(3) Being "Finally Famous" comes with famous friends. Mike Posner (in town early for his show tonight) and Cleveland's Chip tha Ripper stopped by to drop guest verses. I was hoping for an appearance by Fly.Union, but Sean merely shouted them out.

(4) Rappers singing isn't going away any time soon, and I like it. Thank you, Drake.

(5) More MCs should encore by freestyling over the "All of the Lights" beat.