Here's a playlist of recorded and live music played Wednesday night at the Victoria's Secret fashion show. Crank it up and strut.

Made it back to Columbus in one piece, if a little star- and city-struck. It was a crazy, wonderful night at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York. See for yourself: We just posted a the first of several slideshows on the Columbus Alive website.

In the meantime, enjoy a playlist of recorded and live music played during the show, along with a few random mental and scribbled notes from last night:

- There was an audible gasp when Jay-Z appeared on the runway after Kanye West's first number. And audience members with keen celebrity-seeking eyeballs caught a white-gowned Beyonce cheering on her husband. As she was escorted out after the song, those seated behind her applauded softly.

- Nicki Minaj is simply adorable. Watching her bounce around the models, who towered above her, was pure joy. Yeah, she didn't sing very much. But she looked great!

- I thought "Make Me Wanna Die" was a strange choice for a show opener. It's dramatic and brooding, but the lyrics are a bit of a bummer. Maybe I'm just not goth enough.

- "S&M" is a great song, but its subject matter certainly wasn't part of the PG-13 show. So hearing it while watching confetti and balloons fall was a little odd.

- "Moves Like Jagger" isn't my favorite Maroon 5 song, but Adam Levine could gallop up and down a runway singing anything and I'd watch.

1. "Make Me Wanna Die," The Pretty Reckless

2. "Stronger," Kanye West (live)

3. "N----- in Paris," Kanye West and Jay-Z (live)

4. "California King," Rhianna

5. "Moves Like Jagger," Maroon 5 (live)

6. "Secrets," One Republic

7. "Super Bass," Nicki Minaj (live)

8. "Born This Way," Lady Gaga

9. "S&M," Rhianna

10. "Run the World (Girls)," Beyonce