WOSU's news programming moves exclusively to the FM band next week. That should free up a pre-programmed AM station on your car radio.

For all you cats still listening to AM radio, WOSU will stop broadcasting on 820 AM, effective Dec. 9. WOSU programming, both talk and music, will be available exclusively on the FM dial. Find National Public Radio and local news programming at 89.7 FM and classical music at 101.1 FM.

Here's the backstory on the move: About a year ago, WOSU bought usage of the 101.1 FM frequency from CD101 (which moved to the recently controversial 102.5 frequency and continues to have a bit of a split personality between its old and new spots on the dial). WOSU moved its classical music programming to 101.1 FM, opening the 89.7 FM frequency for news programming. That made the AM frequency a bit obsolete. WOSU has now sold the 820 AM station, completing the circle, as it were.