Because the weekend is nowhere in sight but 5 p.m. is.

It's interesting to see how local brands that don't have a storefront sell their products online. Etsy or sales through their own website are usually the go-to sources for sales. Thus, Honey Rose & K's approach of finding online boutiques to sell through is exciting if for no other reason than it alerts me to a new, cool online boutiques to peruse. Local lady Meredith Piccin is the designer behind Honey Rose & K's accessories that are made out of items she finds in flea markets, antiques stores and thrift shops. The line is available locally at Rowe Boutique and Thread on Grandview, and, officially today, on London-based web store Dia Boutique. The site offers clothing and accessories from designers around the world (pictured are some of Honey Rose & K's styles for sale on the site). The other e-boutique Piccin sells on is also a favorite online store of mine to check out, Cleveland's StoreyHorse Vintage. Cute dresses, people. And jewelry, of course.