A stellar selection of local musicians will play PBR's June 9 bash at Woodlands Tavern

Last year's inaugural Megacity Music Marathon was among the most amazing lineups of Columbus musicians in recent memory. The second installment of the Pabst-sponsored bash is set for June 9 at Woodlands Tavern. And while its lineup isn't quite as eye-popping as last year's (nothing here on the level of an 84 Nash reunion), its sum total is pretty damn enticing, mixing a smattering of veterans with many of the best up-and-comers in town. I can't wait to see who else gets booked for this shindig. (Tickets cost $10; RSVP here.) Here's the lineup so far:

The High Strung (Detroit)
Terribly Empty Pockets
Mike Rep and Tommy Jay
The Motel Beds (Dayton)
The Regrettes
Anna Ranger
Outer Spacist
Moon High
Psychic Wheels
Forest & the Evergreens
WV White
The Happy Maladies (Cincinnati)