Columbus Music Co-op co-founder Erin Moore explains the decision to put the beloved local music event on hiatus for 2012.

New Bomb Turks at Parking Lot Blowout 2010

In just six years, Columbus Music Co-op's annual Here Comes Your Weekend Parking Lot Blowout has become an entrenched institution, an annual highlight on the summer festival calendar. Unfortunately, the always-entertaining party is about to become un-entrenched, at least for a short while. A statement on the Co-op's website announced the event will be taking a one-year hiatus: "With the summer festival season now upon us, the Columbus Music Co-op would like to make the community aware that after six successful years, we will be taking a year off from throwing the original rock-on-the-pavement Here Comes Your Weekend! Parking Lot Blowout."

The statement cites a turnover in the Co-op's volunteer staff, particularly the departure of co-founder Jess Faller, as one reason for the break. Faller's fellow co-founder Erin Moore sent some more details over email.

Alive: Why is Jess stepping down? Erin Moore: Jess's transition had been in the works for a while. Between her very demanding job at Batelle, playing with Bush League All Stars and getting married last year, she decided to focus on some of those big life priorities. Her leaving is 100% amicable and she is still very much involved with the transition and will always be our 'co-founder.' I imagine she'll be probably be an 'emeritus board member.'" When did you decide to pull the plug on this year's Parking Lot Blowout? Were there plans in motion that ended up getting scrapped? The only plan we talked about was moving the event to Ace of Cups because we needed more space, but that was about as far as we'd gotten. Then I broke my foot in March and switched jobs in February. Those two things took more time than anticipated and while we love throwing an amazing rock show, it is important as a 501c3 to prioritize our grants program, youth programming and organizational development. Will there be another fundraiser to replace the annual profits from PLBO? In addition to the Alive Summer Music Tour (which has been raising nice little chunks of change for us) we are currently in talks with other community partners about additional fundraising events. As the details on those become finalized we'll announce. What needs to happen behind the scenes to bring the event back next year? We are 100% committed to bringing the event back next year. We anticipate having a (healthier!) Executive Director and we'll be expanding our board. We'll also be focusing on an "events" committee that can help take some of the responsibility off of me and the board too so that we don't have to choose between events or if someone's day job is totally demanding, it won't affect events. Anything else? We are incredibly honored that people are bummed about it not happening. When two best friends started this solely as a community project we had no idea the CMC would grow into what it is today. Clearly I'm feelin' a smidge emotional about all this... Read the full statement, and check out some of Alive's previous coverage of Parking Lot Blowout: 2010 preview / 2010 review / 2011 preview / 2011 review