She filled us in on what made her most proud of her national television debut, how she really feels about glitter and why Tori Spelling is kind of a badass.

It wasn't all the technical stuff that goes on behind the scenes that surprised local artist Esther Hall during her stint on TLC's reality competition "Craft Wars." Nope, that's old hat, as Hall went to the semi final selections in Chicago for "Project Runway" two years ago. The thing that may have surprised her most didn't come until last Tuesday, the day the show aired. More than 120 people came to watch Hall's episode at the Gateway Film Center. The theater sold out and the bar lobby played the show to the overflow crowd. "It was truly amazing," Hall said of all the support she received. "There was a lot of love and support in that room from so many people all over Columbus. I had no idea how many great friends I had until I saw them all in one room cheering me on." And playfully talking smack. Hall placed second in her episode, being defeated by a glitter-heavy wedding display. She filled us in on what made her most proud of her national television debut, how she really feels about glitter and why host Tori Spelling is kind of a badass.
What was it like to see yourself on TV? Of course, surreal. It didn't feel like it was me. I know it was, but to see yourself on national TV is just an oddity that not a lot of people get to experience. What was the thing you did or said on the show that you are most proud of? I was proud that I never used glitter and stuck to my own aesthetic in color and design.

Have you stayed in touch with any of your fellow competitors? Yes, I am still in contact with both Andrea and Lisa from the other team. They are great ladies and wonderful crafters also. It was a great battle going up against them.

If you could have done one thing differently during the competition, what would it have been? Had some fabric flowers around the bench for the photo booth. I think something else on the booth itself to translate more wedding than just the signs we had.

Is glitter the armpit of craft? I like what someone else said: It was the Herpes of the craft world, never goes away. Funny enough I do not like to use glitter in my crafts but I LOVE to wear sequins whenever I can find an occasion. Still, it's not a design element I use when I am crafting or sewing.

What was Tori Spelling like? She was great, very professional and a bit amazing. She was pregnant during my taping and her wearing those 5-inch heels just looked painful but she was a champ. It was a little funny because she had this off the shoulder dress and every once in a while it fell down to show the tape. Me being the fashion designer and stylist for photo shoots I always noticed it and would frequently point it out and ask her if I could come up and fix her. By a quarter way through taping she would just look at me and say "Esther! Am I good? Do you need to fix me?" I somehow got into a conversation with her and the judges between takes about Korean food and how much Tori liked kimchi (pickled spicy cabbage side dish). It was funny to see someone I had grown up watching on "90210" be right in front of me candidly talking to me and then making sure her garments were on straight for a nationwide TV show. This stuff just doesn't happen to anyone and I really felt lucky to be in that position.

What are your plans for your art and craft for the future? I'll always craft. I love it and I feel like having idle hands makes me anxious. Currently I've been involved in a few festivals as the head organizer of Craft Alley by the Columbus Crafty Cotillion for Columbus Food Truck & Cart Fest and Independents' Day. I'd like to be more involved in tutorials for crafts and sewing and perhaps work on a collaborative book. Someday I still want to have that yarn store but small business is scary and costly. Until then I look forward to fall and winter when I do most of my shows.