Columbus choir The Harmony Project is recording a song today in memory of the victims of last week's movie theater shootings in Aurora, Colorado. Later tonight, you'll be able to download the song for a $1 donation to a fund for victims' families.

Community choir organization The Harmony Project is trying to strike just the right note tonight in expressing Columbus' collective sadness and sympathy for the victims of last week's shootings in Aurora, Colorado.

The group, led by David Brown, is scheduled to be rehearsing now at the Columbus Firefighters Local 67 banquet hall. They'll record the song "How We Love," by famed songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, a bit later this evening. (The picture above was taken by Columbus Dispatch photographer Abigail Fisher just a few weeks ago as members of the choir rehearsed for an upcoming concert.)

Later tonight, you'll be able to visit The Harmony Project to download the song in exchange for a minimum $1 contribution to any of several organizations in and around Aurora that are supporting the victims and their families.

Everything - the space, the recording equipment, the production time and even the song royalty rights - has been donated or given in kind for this project.

We'll post the video of the recording once it's available through The Harmony Project.