Get ready for the new by catching up on the old. Proceed to your new Internet fixation.

It's interesting to consider what shaped an individual's frame of reference of the fashion world before the Internet. It's a fickle industry that is constantly evolving. What is in one day can be out the next (right, Ms. Klum?). Sure there were fashion magazines, in which the models were super, but that just doesn't compare to how now a couple mouse clicks can unlock the gates to the world's most stylish clique-the fashion world.

That's what made MTV's show "House of Style" so special. It did the unlocking before we had the power to ourselves. It ran on the cable music channel from 1989 to 2000 and covered myriad style topics, from designers to models, trends to the trouble with eating disorders. Today on MTV's Style blog, the team announced that they would be bringing back the show with much fanfare. First, they've uploaded footage from 12 seasons for your viewing pleasure. Check them out here. Some highlights include interviews with the Beastie Boys, a look inside Gwen Stafani's dressing room and Naomi Campbell not being an alien robot. Might I recommend the time when Salt N Pepa modeled summer looks for Cindy Crawford. They so craaaazzzy.

Get More: 'House Of Style' Collection at MTV Style

Also in MTV's arsenalof style will be three weekly essays that examine '90s fashion with a historical lens (for example, next Wednesday they're covering the influence music had on street style) and a documentary about the show that will air on its website Aug. 7. Here's the trailer:

Get More: 'House Of Style' Collection at MTV Style

The new Internet-based "House of Style" will start Oct. 9; its host will be revealed at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept. 6. Any guesses as to who the host will be?