Hot video alert.

Making the big-timing blog rounds today is this music video supposedly by a popular North Korean pop singer who is dating the country's leader, Kim Jong-un. You can read more about the song (which roughly, I guess, translates to "Excellent Horse-Like Lady") and their relationship, here, but really you'll have more questions than answers after you watch. My stream of wtf-consciousness while watching the music video is as follows:

Do you think this is real? Did I hear this song on a Disney ride once? Wouldn't Excellent Horse-Like Lady make a great band name? HAHA SARAH JESSICA PARKER. Wait, that's mean, right? Sarah Jessica Parker is pretty in a nontraditional sort of… Is this singer horse-like because she is like a work horse in a factory? What does the rest of North Korea's top 40 songs sound like? Is "excellent" to North Korea as "awesome" is to America? Why don't I know more about North Korea? Someone should make a "Bill and Ted's Excellent Korean Adventure," no? Or at least bring back the word "excellent"? Don't you think she seems like more of a pony than a horse? Why can't I get this song out of my head when I don't even know the words? Why am I pushing play again?!