Big Whoop and Big Day In bring the noise this weekend.

Love Culture

This city's Jazz & Rib Fest is one of Downtown's most treasured traditions, but sometimes you just wanna rock. Thus, we submit a pair of smaller-scale events that nonetheless feature lots and lots of good music. Both skew towards punk and indie-rock stylings and feature a combination of local and national talent.

Big Whoop is the DIY fest organized by members of Delay and the brains behind Shout Out Loud Prints. An ark-load of underground talent will flood the 400 West Rich events facility in Franklinton, everyone from Ghost Mice to Slave Labia to Tin Armor. (Here's more background on the fest.) It's going down with two programs a day on Saturday and Sunday for the price of $5 per show for a grand total of $20 for the weekend. Proceeds benefit the traveling bands and The Dick & Jane Project.

Stand Me by Delay

Meanwhile, dream-pop crusaders Love Culture host the second annual installment of Big Day In this Saturday at Woodlands Tavern in Grandview. It's not all shoegaze music - The Spruce Campbells and Petit Mal are more immediate, in-your-face kinds of bands - but organizers do promise "a sonic (and possibly alcohol)-induced haze of contentment." Doors open at 5 p.m. Saturday, with a price of $5 before 8 p.m. and $8 after, so show up early and stay late.

<a href="">Soul On the Sea by Love Culture</a>