They're got spunk to spare.

Blastronauts has been kicking around Columbus for some time now, though at times the project has seemed to take a backseat to frontman James Allison's other bands like The Town Monster and The Regrettes, or his show promoting or recording endeavors. (Dude stays busy.) And actually, they're about to go on hiatus again per a recent Facebook post.

Still, they slayed at ComFest as a last-minute substitute for The Town Monster, and from the sounds of this new "Ladyboy" EP, Blastronauts is a band that deserves to be very much in the foreground. Shades of Elephant 6 psych-pop retromania permeate these tracks, though "Ladyboy" also fits neatly on the Phoenix-Strokes axis. And of course, this being Blastronauts, they've got spunk to spare.

The band's next show, and the last chance to see them for a spell, is Saturday, Aug. 18 at Carabar.

<a href="">Ladyboy by Blastronauts</a>