Singer-songwriter Max Sollisch debuts the lead single from his upcoming album.

Beats Per Minute has premiered the lead single and title track from Columbus quirk-folk troubadour Dolfish's debut full-length, "I'd Rather Disappear Than Stay the Same." We've been loving Max Sollisch's project for quite a while (not to mention his previous projects), and we featured him at a recent Alive Summer Music Tour stop, so it's cool to see his music getting some more national attention.

In some unfortunate news for Columbus, Sollisch announced this week that he's moving back to his hometown, Cleveland, because his girlfriend got a job there. So although we won't be seeing him around town as much anymore, at least maybe we'll be seeing him all over the blogosphere?

"I'd Rather Disappear Than Stay the Same" is out Oct. 30 on Afternoon Records. Click here to hear the song.