Prepared to be impressed by "Not Impressed."

The winner of that top prize goes to this Tumblr account, "McKayla is Not Impressed." The meme is a cut-out photo of U.S. Olympics gymnast McKayla Maroney on the medal stand placed on photos of really exciting or grandiose things. Why the hilarious face? Maroney won silver in the vault final, which, obviously, displeased the gold medal favorite. The announcers practically announced she had gold before she even started stretching. Adding injury to injury, Maroney fell on her second vault. The silver lining? As much as this meme is poking fun at her, I was relieved to see Maroney actually show some disappointment. I respect and admire the character of other fallen favorites who got all beauty queen with it and said they were just happy to be competing (oh hai, Jordyn Wieber), but holy pummel horse, these girls sacrificed years, tears, body parts and relationships to get gold... and she fell. Horrifying. Thanks for being honest, Maroney.