The band reunited on the Today Show this morning for the first time in 10 years.

98 Degrees reunited on the Today Show this morning. It was the first time they had sung their hits together in 10 years (alert: you are aging rapidly). All the details and video your little Tiger Beat heart can handle here if you want them. Below are the three trains of thought I had whilst watching them this morning. 1) These songs are actually very pretty. It's easy to dismiss them because the boy band formula is so mockable. "Hardest Thing" makes so much more sense now that I am an emotionally intelligent adult with real life experience. 2) Interesting that 98 Degrees is the only 1990s-era boy band that I can't name every member of. Is that because they messed with the formula? Where's the bad boy?! That one guy-the, shall we say, least genetically blessed-is probably wearing that hat now because he has to. #bald #old #wewouldhavebleachedanythinginthe90sandearly00s Writer's note: His name, apparently, is Justin Jeffre. He is the only member of the group without a tattoo, according to IMDB. He's also the biggest flirt, according to IMDB. Perhaps they should consider taking that fun fact down? Thirty-plus, flirty just seems kind of unfortunate. 3) I can't watch them sing the final song because I have to go to work. I'm an adult now. Where did the past 10 years go? It must be annoying to actual old people to hear me and Nick Lachey lamet about how we're old.