Midnight Lady to bring the f--- yeah to the Big Apple.

Fashion designer Lindsay Hearts, who you might recognize as an Evolved body artist, Rendezvous salon denizen and the brain behind rock and roll fashion event Drauma, will show her collection Midnight Lady at New York Fashion Week this September.

Midnight Lady is balls-to-the-furry-wall fashion. All rock and roll glam gut punch-circus gowns, studded jean vests, metallic spotted leather leggings. Hearts' aesthetic never plays it safe.

PLITZS Fashion Marketing invited Hearts as a featured designer in its "Designer Showcase Presentation," a new fashion week feature that gives emerging designers a chance to show their collection in a professionally produced presentation, saving them money and gaining them exposure

Hearts' looks will hit the runway on Friday Sept. 7 at the Warwick Hotel as part of fashion's biggest week. Rock on, sister.