Yes, unicorns.

Maybe it's because Bronies have been on the brain, but I've been noticing more and more unicorns galloping onto my radar - from perfume to lip balm, gag gifts to, um, games.

Why unicorns? Who knows? Better yet-who cares? If loving things like unicorn-poop cookie recipes is wrong, I don't want to be right. Here are three categories of products associated with the mythical beast that will interest most people who think fart jokes are still funny and/or legitimately love unicorns. Unicorn beauty products. Unicorns can help you smell like dreams coming true. Apparently their bowel movements are useful, too. Their farts can make your lips smooth and their droppings can lend your nails some color. Unicorn gag gifts. For example, unicorn meat in a can. See also: Prince riding off into the sunset on a unicorn, the kind you find at a secondhand store. Unicorn jewelry. And not of the hippie variety.