The acclaimed filmmaker and band will provide live accompaniment for "The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller."

Sam Green

In what promises to be one of the coolest collisions of sights and sounds in Columbus this fall, filmmaker Sam Green and indie rock legends Yo La Tengo will accompany Green's film "The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller" in two screenings Oct. 18 at the Wexner Center. Green will present his latest "live documentary" about Fuller, best known as the inventor of the geodesic dome. As Green narrates the 60-minute movie, Yo La Tengo will provide a live soundtrack. They'll do two performances, a 7 p.m. and a 9 p.m., in the Film/Video Theater. More info here, including info on $20 tickets.

Below, find video of Green discussing his previous live documentary, "Utopia in Four Movements."