Short North Tour of Homes tickets now available. Also, here's your chance to see Seventh Son Brewing Company.

Tickets for the Short North Tour of Homes & Gardens are now available. The tour is Sept. 15 and 16. There are 10 locations for attendees to walk through on this year's tour (check out the full 2012 list below). Saturday Sept. 15's preview event starts at 4 p.m. and tickets are $100--lots of goodies, including a dinner in a private home and a chance to see the in-progress Seventh Son Brewing Company, come with that pricier bad boy. Tickets for Sunday Sept. 16 are only $15 in advance, $20 the day of the tour, and include access to a shuttle bus to take you from stop to stop. Get more details and tickets here.

Homes on the tour: Address: 79 E. Russell St. Owner: Connie Klema Address: 841 Dennison Ave. Owner: Richard Bauer Address: 108 E. Second Ave. Owner: Aaron Borchers Address: 333 W. Hubbard Ave. Owner: Sue Nicholson and Ken Brushaber Address: 889 Dennison Ave. Owner: Christy and Mark Demetry Address: 29 E. Second Ave. Owner: Emily Farrin and Rodrigo Iglesias Address: 1187 N. High St. Owner: The Garden Theater Address: 118 Price Ave. Owner: Jason Hunt Address: 68 E. Prescott St. Owner: Bruce Shumard and Eddie Hambrick Address: 80 W. Starr Ave. Owner: Pete Shuler and Kellie Kidd

79 E. Russell St.

80 W. Starr Ave.

841 Dennison Ave.