As promised in today's cover story.

Our hair cover story this week is your guide to who's hot, what's not and where to get locks to love in this town. To supplement, we thought we'd embarrass our staff a little bit. Following, brave members of the Alive staff's worst – which in some cases means best – hair moments.(Click on their names to see them now.)

Kristen Schmidt, editor Wait, was this the Justin Bieber baby photo we had on file? Alyse Kordenbrock, designer Let Alyse explain. "I guess back in 1999 I didn't know how layers could make all the difference in the world. I think this may have been an extremely cheap haircut (I hope so, at least). There was a good span of time in my adolescence when my hair would curl in on one side and curl out on the other (like the picture). I think after this hair cut I gave up on short hair until a few years ago. It turns out shorter hair is better for my face shape. It just needs a good cut and style to keep it in line." Lauren Kuntz, designer Several things to consider in this photo: 1) Look at that self-assured pose. So cute. 2) Lauren said she had this cut because she didn't want to grow her hair out because she was on swim team and it would slow her down. So serious. 3) That's not a JCPenney photo studio back drop. It's Colorado. Brad Keefe, web producer BRAD IS A BLOND?! I ask with such disbelief because the second photo is the same haircut Brad has now. Tessa Berg, photographer Perms and massive bows. Tessa obviously grew up in the '90s. Jackie Mantey, reporter Let's just say it takes redheads a, ahem, bit longer on the shelf to mature into the pretty young adults they can be. Right, Prince Harry? Call me.