Listen if you dare.

I don't always listen to experimental noise-rock, but when I do, I prefer Sword Heaven. Now core member Mark Van Fleet (he's the one with the microphone in the above image) is in the process of uploading the longstanding Columbus project's extensive discography toBandcamp for your streaming pleasure(?), starting with a bunch of extremely limited cassettes and CD-Rs. Not everything is up yet, but I'm guessing most people reading this aren't Sword Heaven completists so much as curious listeners in search of something different. As for you completists, Van Fleet says he will probably keep adding releases in the near future, including various vinyl releases and maybe even LPs.

Face Place, Van Fleet's creeping ambient project with his wife Jen Burton (of Seventh Son Brewing/The Barrel & Bottle fame), also has a Bandcamp now. So you have a lot of soul-searing, physically and mentally exhausting music to writhe around in this weekend if it suits you. Stay noisy, my friends.