"Mallwalker" plays like The Microphones meets Fleet Foxes.

Saintseneca's Zac Little on "Mallwalker," his trembling, clattering folk band's new apocalyptic Christmas single:"It's been a life long goal of mine to write a Christmas song. Here it is." The tuneful clatter is pretty epic for just 3 minutes and 20 seconds. Built upon brittle strums and harrowing harmonies, it plays like The Microphones meets Fleet Foxes, which is obviously a wonderful way to be. It's produced by Glenn Davis of Way Yes, and the accompanying artwork comes courtesy of Saintseneca's Maryn Jones. Download "Mallwalker" for free below; it's the band's gift to you and me.

<a href="http://saintseneca.bandcamp.com/track/mallwalker">Mallwalker by Saintseneca</a>