And see the Columbus pop-rockers open for Josh Krajcik this Friday.

Columbus pop-rockers The Wet Darlings, honorees at Alive's 2011 Bands to Watch show, were omnipresent in town at one point, but due to singer Jenny Lute's pregnancy they kept a pretty low profile in 2012. That's about to end. The band is opening Josh Krajcik's show Friday at Newport Music Hall, at which they're expected to perform quite a bit of new material. Among that new material is "Light the Room," a "slightly holiday-centric" song they released on Bandcamp this week. In the spirit of the season, they're giving all proceeds from sales this month to the Andymanathon. "Light the Room" (plus an acoustic version of "Plenty of Space") sells for $1.99, but feel free to pay more - for the children!

<a href="">Light the Room by The Wet Darlings</a>