The legendary bourbon distillery is watering down the entirety of their reserves to meet a rising demand, and what that could mean for the bourbon lover.

Bourbon drinkers have a reason to be angry, instead of just being generally angry from the bourbon. Longtime distillery Maker's Mark announced earlier this week that it will have to water down its bourbon due to a supply and demand issue.

Apparently the demand for Maker's Mark has increased to an unexpected point and the distillery must thin out its remaining supply to meet said demand. That means lessening the bourbon's potency from its normal 90 proof to 84 proof by watering down the entirety of Maker's Mark reserves. While reducing the strength of the bourbon is enough to draw the ire of Maker's Mark drinkers, keeping prices the same is just d--- move.

While average drinker may not notice a difference, Time ran a piece about the consequences of this move. Bourbon aficionados will obviously notice the change - any amount of water added to bourbon isn't a good idea. You'll never see me ordering anything other than "bourbon, neat." The other problem is a watered-down Maker's Mark will drastically affect the careful balance of a well-made cocktail. The worst part is other distillers could follow in Maker's Mark's lead if met with similar circumstances. The bourbon apocalypse is coming?