Also, he's releasing a new album.

Tyler, The Creator(whose shock-rock misbehavior is looking positively angelic post-Keef) just announced the impending release of his third LP, Wolf, coming April 2 on Odd Future Records. The tour promoting the record launches March 12 in Columbus, exactly six months after Odd Future's visit to the Newport; we'll update with a venue for Tyler's solo show once the information is out there.

UPDATE: According to, the show is at the Newport, and tickets are on sale right now for $20 ($26.50 after fees). You can also purchase a package through Golfwang with a ticket, Wolf CD and Tyler-brand stripey socks for $48.50.

Tyler is also releasing a new video at midnight tonight (9 p.m. Pacific). Until then, check out the relatively humorous album promo video and see three (pretty awesome!) versions of the Wolf cover art below.