First chapter to address scrunchies and forehead-covering headbands worn with bangs. No one understands what all that was about.

If Carrie Bradshaw can go back in time, why can't Clarissa Darling go forward? Banking on his great idea from the early 1990s, Nickelodeon's "Clarissa Explains It All" creator Mitchell Kriegman is writing a book called "Things I Can't Explain," the tales of the 23-year-old Clarissa Darling. According to Entertainment Weekly, the book (due out next year) follows our spunky little protagonist through her budding career as a journalist, wilting love life and rapidly blossoming sense of reality (hence the title).

I would like to encourage a plot line of a confusing sexual attraction to a grown-up Ferg-Face. I would also like to champion books about the following:

- What happens when Clarissa Darling and Sabrina Spellman's worlds collide?! Will bad luck consume Clarbrina (Sabrissa?) when Salem walks under Sam's window ladder?!

- Clarissa Darling at her real age in 2013: Approximately 35. S---'s really real by then.

- Vignettes of every "Pete & Pete" character at age 23.