Also: New music from Atoms For Peace, Buke & Gase, Azealia Banks and more.

NOTE: Jackie already alerted you to the supremely satisfying new Yeah Yeah Yeahs joint, so no need for reduncancy here. Also, I was especially disappointed that I couldn't get together a Jams column last week because the new Juicy J/The Weeknd track might be my favorite single of the year so far. So you really ought to go back and listen to that. Speaking of Juicy...

Passion Pit - "Constant Conversations (Juicy J remix)"

The music industry continues to mutate and intersect in weird ways. Consider: Resurgent Three 6 Mafia kingpin Juicy J raps all over Passion Pit's glorious 2012 falsetto slow jam (including the line "Her p---- hits hard like Ron Artest"), and it sounds tremendous.

David Bowie - "The Stars Are Out Tonight" (NSFW)

In which the already hazy line between David Bowie and David Lynch blurs completely, guest starring Tilda Swinton. "The Stars Are Out Tonight" is a legit comeback single from Bowie's new The Next Day, which, according to initial buzz, seems to be a legit comeback album. (You can stream it at iTunes starting today.) As for the video, watch out for the art-damaged sexytime stuff, which might not go over so well at the office.

Atoms For Peace - "Ingenue"

I guess Thom Yorke is pretty serious about dancing now. Amok is out this week via XL Recordings.

Joey Bada$$ - "Wendy N Becky" feat. Chance the Rapper

Like the rest of the music industry, hip-hop is in the midst of a big-time '90s revival, and Nas-loving NYC teen Joey Bada$$ is among those leading the charge. He's joined here by Chicago's Chance the Rapper, a stranger sort of retro rapper (Kendrick meets Pharcyde seems to be the critical consensus) who appeared at Skully's last month and will be back in town at The Basement on March 25.

Sufjan Stevens - "Give a Little Love"

In terms of songwriting, I wish I could write a finished product half as good as Sufjan's castoffs. He posted this to Tumblr today; it's from the All Delighted People era, he thinks.

AlunaGeorge - "Attracting Flies"

Pretty much every song British electro-pop duo AlunaGeorge has released is golden, and so is this one. Can't wait to hear their full-length debut, Body Music, coming July 1 on Island Records.

Tegan and Sara - "Now I'm All Messed Up"

Here's a nifty lyric video for a song that's been out for a while, Tegan and Sara's great breakup lament "Now I'm All Messed Up." In case you haven't heard, the Quin sisters headline LC Pavilion on March 9, and they'll be back at the LC festival setting July 14 as openers for Fun. Heartthrob is out now on Vapor/Warner Bros.

Tricky - "Nothing's Changed"

Guess who else is back this week? That's right: Mr. Trip-Hop himself. And I can state with some certainly that the song title is accurate regarding his new music, which ain't necessarily a bad thing.

Buke and Gase - "General Dome"

One of my favorite albums of this young 2013 is General Dome, the twisty and triumphant sophomore set from Brooklyn DIY duo Buke and Gase. (They build their own instruments and everything.) This eerie new video shows off the title track, one of the strongest bursts of spasmodic pop power you'll hear this year.

Azealia Banks - "Barely Legal" (Strokes cover)

We end with the always-controversial Ms. Banks, who likes to binge on Twitter feuds and spray fiery words all over everything. She also has a history with synth-ladenindie rock covers. Here she takes on "Barely Legal," The Strokes' awesome 2001 ode to youthful lust and apathy.