Plus, the CMA will host his first solo museum exhibition in November.

"Sylvan Lake SD 3," by Matthew Brandt

Matthew Brandt prints sound like something Stefon would recommend-"This photograph has everything: Kool-Aid, Cheez Whiz and human tears"-but there's little pretension in Brandt's work. In fact, part of the purpose of his technique is to take some of the mystery out of photography and to hearken to its days when rules were there were no rules.

Earlier this week the photo blog on wrote about Brandt's use of odd liquids to process his landscape photographs as a way to explore how prints were made in the mid-19th century, when artists were still creating a universal technique for developing images. The images are crazy gorgeous and developed using liquid found in his subject matter. For example: the Brandt currently on view at the Columbus Museum of Art. Yup, the museum's got "Sylvan Lake SD 3," a chromogenic print soaked in Sylvan Lake water. The CMA will also host Brandt's first solo museum exhibition, opening Nov. 15. Can't wait. Also, now I want Cheez Whiz…