Franklinton is way more bitchin' than people think.

Franklinton is way more bitchin' than people think.

On a recent Saturday, I took an improptu fieldtrip to the western part of downtown and saw some pretty cool shops and art pieces. I have photographic evidence of this.

First, we met this scary/hilarious guy.

And then we got a wave from this dude in a bunny suit. (I bet he wondered why we were wearing stupid human suits.)

This girl was on the side of Strongwater. It looks like she just heard something really inpsirational.

Then we saw this guy at a stop light.

Maybe he was looking for his other horse friends.

Then we got a message from the Lord, and it frightened us.

So we ducked into this awesome record store.

We didn't find this band's records in the record store, but I heard they are pretty good!

It said Vandalay had been there... but Vandalay could have lied. We don't know...

Either way, it's all good.

Note: I have no idea who the artists of these works are, but I wish I did! Tweet me at @Abernathy_Alive or @IhateAbernathy if you are (or know) the artist, or just let me know of cool things in your neighborhood!