It's no secret, I'm not a huge proponent of the holidays. Some would even say I have a severe lack of holiday spirit, and they'd be right. But I'm pretty sure my lack of enthusiasm for the holidays comes from the holiday's severe lack of face-melting guitar riffs. (Save for TSO, of course).

I have always said there is not enough metal in Christmas, but after reviewing these mind-blowing metal-themed holiday sweaters, I may have judged too quickly. Once again rock music has brought out the magic of the season-- this is just like that time Kiss saved Santa.

5. The Queens of the Stone Age sweater

Have fun explaining those reindeer to your great aunt.

4. The Devil Driver Christmas sweater

Those aren't reindeer, those are the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

3. The Descendents Christmas sweater

For an ugly Christmas sweater, this one is actually not that ugly.

2. The Anthrax Hanukkah sweater

Because Jewish people love metal too.

1. The Slayer Christmas Sweater

This level of majesty could only be pulled off by the greatest metal band ever to melt your face... SLAYER!!!!!!

"Everybody knows pterodactyls can't stand the screech of a guitar!!"