A roundup of new proposed Crew logos as designed by fans not named Justin Bell

Justin Bell's 28 in 28 project has been really fun to follow as a fan of both the Crew and the city of Columbus. From the start, we've wanted this project to be more than just Bell's work, though. Each of Bell's posts at massivecityffc.com have included a call to fellow designers (amateur or otherwise) to submit designs for their own mock-ups. We got a single submission the first week of 28 in 28, but since then the designs have steadily trickled in to ye ol' email inbox. Presented herein are the designs we've received so far, along with any explanations included by the designer.

To submit your own design, email Justin at massivecityffc@gmail.com.

FIRST SUBMISSION: Darin Carr, @settingthetable

Carr says:

Well, after lots of thought and frustration on how this came along, I have a submission for your "28 in 28." I won't say it's truly original, and it's derivative of many great concepts but then again aren't most soccer club logos/crests anyway? :) On BigSoccer I had a design discussion post on why the Crew's redesign had to be somewhat generic due to the myriad of things about Columbus that make it tough to be represented in a single crest. I'm not from Columbus and don't know all the things about the city other than what I learn from you guys from Massive Report. For my logo idea I used Bayern Munich as one inspiration. Many Bundesliga crests are generic in nature to the untrained eye, yet have subtle meaning. The center of Bayern Munich's crest is from the flag of Bavaria, the state Munich is in. Even though Bayern is considered a national club, it has simple references to its city and state. With that I created the logo attached. Basic items: When you desaturate the Ohio state flag it resembles what I have in the center of the redesigned crest with the dark triangle and gray and white stripes. The year of the club's first season in MLS (96) is in the center of the flag circle. There are small hard hat icons in the outer circle that act as separators between "Columbus Crew" and "Soccer Club." At large formats the hard hats would be clearly visible and are a subtle tribute to the Crew's origins, yet at smaller treatments they simply look like basic shapes as seen on my shirt example. The overall generic nature, like Bundesliga crests, give a nod to the German influence in Columbus. My design abilities are nowhere close to your talents, and at times I struggled and almost decided to give up. But this came around eventually and met most of what I was going after. SECOND SUBMISSION: "The Wrecking Buckyball of Ohio" by Dawn Eos

Dawn writes:

More of a rough draft than a fully realized logo -- a more representative (and more interesting?) font should be substituted for Futura Condensed Extra Bold; the crane is probably too abstract; there would seem to be scope for additional ornamentation (perhaps a sublimated brick wall pattern, suggesting a target for the wrecking ball?). On another hand: it does do the job of identifying the Columbus Crew soccer club with a minimum of fuss. (Yes, the Telstar buckyball is a cliché, but the thing is, clichés work. And better the buckyball than another FC-ing FC.) THIRD SUBMISSION: Larry Johnson, @HelltownBeer