Tonight, the infamous Insane Clown Posse and their legion of ravenous fans (Juggalos) will descend upon The Newport Music Hall for the classiest shin-dig in town.

The event has sold out, so if you scored tickets, you probably already have your face paint on and Faygo ready. But on the off chance you're about to lose your ICP virginity, here are a few stories from innocent bystanders who lived to tell the tale, and actually enjoyed themselves...

Julia Hatmaker from Pennsylvania went one time...

Maybe you'll meet new "Homies" like Julia did.

Matt Stopera recounted his experience in true Buzzfeed fashion... with lots of pictures and pithy captions in an easily digestible list format.

These two enthusiastic and resourceful Juggalos reimagined a video for ICP's popular song, "The Neden Game."

Mike Aloisi from learned what a Juggalo was last April.
"Trunk full of Faygo, car full of fat chicks."

Ellen Cushing even thinks she may have been converted to Juggalo-ism.


Even ICP front man Violent Jay has some advice for newbies!

"Music is magic! You can't even hold it!"

Check out what Alive's Brad Keefe thought about his ICP experience here.