Brewery to be located just south of Lavash in old 4Paw Spa

Columbus must really love drinking beer in old mechanic's garages.Taken from Lineage Brewing's Facebook page.

Clintonville continues its resurgence as a trendy neighborhood with the expected opening of its first brewery, Lineage Brewing, in 2015. The company's Facebook page has been active since 2013, but early this morning the first substantial clue about where the brewery would be located appeared (see image above).

According to its website, Lineage is owned by Carey Hall, who's also the assistant brewer, and Jessica Page, who's also the resident beer librarian (!), while Jessica (business and marketing manager) and Mike Byrne (brewing operations manager; previously at Buckeye Lake Brewery) round out the staff. Carey and Jess have local family roots dating back to the 1860s, which, you know, explains the name.

Lineage Brewing