Think of latest dry-hopped cold-brew as a coffee Christmas ale

Crimson Cup Coffee wants you to keep drinking cold-brew coffee this winter by offering up even more of its dry-hopped nitro goodness. Photo by Nicholas Dekker.

Crimson Cup Coffee is giving you reason to keep drinking cold-brew coffee in the winter months. In October it debuted the first in a series of cold brews served on a nitro tap, a dry-hopped version of its Ethiopian Sidamo Kellenso beans.

Last week, it released its newest nitro cold-brew creation, the Hopped Holiday Nitro. The coffee is based on a Guatemalan direct trade bean that's cold-brewed, dry-hopped with Oregon hops, and mixed with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, star anise and orange rind.

Crimson Cup's Coffee and Training Specialist Brandon Bir creates these unique coffees, and for the Hopped Holiday Nitro, he's also added lactose, a sugar typically used in milk stouts. He's aiming for a coffee version of big and spicy Christmas ales.

The specialty coffees are served on nitro tap much like beers. The nitrogen bubble infusion imparts a smooth and creamy texture; it's sometimes used in beer dispensing as a substitute for traditional carbonation. Nitrogen bubbles are many times smaller than carbon dioxide bubbles.

The Holiday Hopped Nitro is available on tap at Crimson Cup's Clintonville coffee house.