New shop comes four years to the day of the Brickel store's opening

Homage's new Short North store opened Thursday, Nov. 6. Photo by Paul Meara.

By Paul Meara

Vintage sports gear - it seems like a product realm that would've been well-nuanced in the business world before 2010, but it wasn't. That's when Homage stepped in and took over.

It's been a long journey for Homage since selling out of numerous Short North boutiques and random pop-up shops, but brand owner Ryan Vesler's ideas and product execution just sold itself and eventually continued to grow.

The original Homage opened outside of the public eye down on Brickel, a street no bigger than a small alley off of High St. The brand's knack for creating high-quality, nostalgia-infused T-shirts, sweaters and other wearable items made them standout. And now the store, which has already expanded to another location in Easton and others in numerous Ohio cities, is moving back in an adjacent spot to where it all started - taking over Substance on High.

"It's a good move and we're all pretty excited about it," Vesler said. "We announced our move four years to the day we opened the Brickel store so there was a bit of a historical tie-in.

"To think that it's gone from this little alley space with us not knowing how to launch a store and learning about a POS system and how to set up pricing, credit card processing to a store that's twice the size on High St. and has so much more visibility, it's just cool and exciting."

For more:
Address: 783 N. High St., Short North
Date opened: Nov. 6, 2014
Price range: $2-$100
Owner(s): Ryan Vesler
Instagram: @Homage
Brands carried: Homage
Specialty: Vintage-style (and mostly sports-themed) T-shirts, sweatpants, hats, long sleeve sweatshirts, backpacks, etc.
Upcoming events/promotions: None