We caught the MC after his recent appearance at the Newport with Method Man

We caught up with Redman after his recent appearance at the Newport.Chris Cuffaro/FOX photo.

By Paul Meara

Few in hip-hop history provide a performance quite like Method Man & Redman. It's why we had to be at the pair's Newport show recently. But we wanted to know more about how and why Method & Red are able to do what they do so flawlessly and for so many years.

So we spoke to Redman after the show, and it was evident that the first step to a great performance is actually realizing that performing music is a large chunk of your livelihood.

"Sometimes I get in that zone on stage, I'm like, 'Yo, I'm in front of all these people performing to feed my family,' which I could be out in the streets selling drugs or flipping burgers somewhere worrying about a minimum wage and trying to get a raise," Redman said. "That little moment might be only 30 seconds but it's a life-experiencing moment. And after it's over, it's like, 'Yeah, I am performing. I am that nigga.'"

It's been half a decade since the duo released the sequel to their group debut, Blackout. Both have essentially been touring off of old material, something that didn't seem to bother the fans who packed the Newport to see them live.

Now, the duo is in the works of creating Blackout 3 along with mixtapes and albums on their own accord. Red specifically has been putting the finishing touches on his next effort, a project to preempt his next studio album Muddy Waters 2 called Muddy Waters 2: The Preload. His goal is to release it on Dec. 2 - the same date Method Man and Wu-Tang Clan are slated to drop their sixth studio album, A Better Tomorrow. The LP set to follow is slated for a 2015 drop and eyes a nostalgic feel, one that brings out a different element of carelessness.

"With this Muddy Waters 2, I'm saying 'fuck the radio,'" Redman said in describing his next studio album. "Fuck a single, I'm not trying to do none of that… I labeled it Muddy Waters 2 as a dedication to bringing it back.

"I'm actually paying for samples out my pocket for this album to give y'all that '90s feel and that's the only thing I'm after, the feel of it."

Finally, Redman provided an update for another sequel. After yelling on stage during the duo's Columbus stop that they would be releasing "How High 2" - a follow-up to their 2001 stoner film, Red told Alive a little about the movie's creative direction.

"We sat down with the writers," Redman said. "The story is great. It's something different… We don't want to do something that's typical. After 10 years we want to put it in a position where where would Jamal and Silas be after 10 years?"

Sufficed to say the legendary duo is busy beyond touring. And while they're known for their carefree attitude and stoner lifestyle make no mistake, you'll be hearing and seeing a lot from Red & Meth in the coming year.

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