Upper Arlington opening includes live music, food trucks, poetry and a knife fight

The Commissary opens this weekend a block party featuring live music, poetry and a knife fight. Pictured is The Commissary's founder, Kate Djupe, at the Dublin Road facility. Alive file photo.

The Commissary is opening its doors this weekend with the Block Party on Sunday, Nov. 16. The collaborative food space's kitchens were broken in last week with a special Korean-Mexican dinner created by Laura Lee of Ajumama. Now they're going full-scale with an opening party that features live music from Earwig, tours of the facility, food trucks, poetry writing by Amy Turn Sharp, goods from Igloo Letterpress and Outfit Good, a Columbus Knife Fight Competition, and more.

The Commissary is a community-focused commercial kitchen and restaurant incubator located at 1400 Dublin Rd. The facilities include commercial kitchens available for rent, parking and operational support for food trucks, meeting and class space, a cookbook and cake pan library and storage. In 2015 the operations will expand to include private kitchens, brewing space, a coffee lab and a molecular gastronomy lab.

The project has had a community focus from the start. Commissary owner Kate Djupe raised more than $47,000 on Kickstarter to complete the building renovations and outfitting. Donors are honored with carved wooden spoons hanging on the walls. Volunteers have also helped prepare kitchen equipment and paint murals.

Tickets for the Block Party are available through thecommissarycolumbus.com.